Here's the Mail (After the style of "Casey at the Bat")

September 30, 2010
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I sat at home watching my mom enter her card number./
"The last time we tried, it didn't work," Mom declared "remember?"/
I watched the screen as my mom clicked submit./
The All Time Low posters she ordered me were a hit./

I was happy that I was going to get my present./
The posters sell real fast, so this was a one chance event./
Then a really upsetting thought popped up in my head./
"How will I ever wait three to five business days?" I said./

Three days had passed and now the posters could come any day. /
I got home from school, and saw the mail truck driving away./
"Oh my gosh, they're here, they're here!" I screamed, and ran to my door./
To my disappointment, there was no package on the floor./

The next day, a couple friends and I got off the bus./
And what we saw was that same old mail truck, driving towards us./
The mailman got out and gave my mom a nice sized, brown box./
Then I remembered that my mom had ordered some weird socks./

Now we were on the fifth day, which means they'd be here today./
The bus pulled up, and I saw the mail truck pulling away./
I cut the tape with scissors, and pulled open the flaps./
Inside were not my posters, but a stupid book of maps./

Disappointment flooded me, and I wished the stuff was mine./
Once my posters actually showed up, I'd be on cloud nine./
Even though I was upset, there was nothing I could do./
Maybe they lied, and three to five business days wasn't true./

The next day in school, it was super hard to concentrate./
To make it even worse, the bus was running really late./
I spotted a long, brown tube, and my excitement had grown./
"OH MY!" I exclaimed, it had been dropped off at the wrong home./

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