The Final Game (after the style of "Casey at the Bat")

September 30, 2010
By Inan19 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Inan19 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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They seemed nervous that day, only a miracle could help./
The Tigers win that game, and put that trophy on their shelf./
They had to try, and the tigers had to start challenging./
If they don't start now, all that day, they'll be a-frowning./

It was the final game in the Tigers' soccer division,/
Will result in first place, or mediocre-second./
They worked so hard, to claim this honorable position,/
Trying to make history, when they're older they'll be missing./

Tony and Anthony were leading the Tigers on top,/
While Matt was on defense, with both Cody and Myers./
They all played very tough, and played with all their heart,/
They all played very good, and all of them played very smart./

They all had to keep going if they all wanted the win,/
They didn't want a medal that would lie in a trash bin./
Wait a minute, who is being substituted and running toward?/
It's Mikey, the one and only true, goalkeepers' horror!/

Then out of nowhere, on the soccer field, a pass had been sprung,/
Which then started a game changing play which begun./
Tony the sprinted as fast as he would or could go,/
Then ran to the goal, shot the ball into the net yelling goal./

The game was close, and the Tigers were almost out of time,/
For them to win, get the title, and call the trophy mine./
Then, Mike had been fouled, right in the opposing goalie's box,/
A penalty kick was given, with 5 seconds left, tops!/

Michael has been in this situation plent of times./
He had taken five of them and scored about three or four./
He took a deep breathe, and went to kick the ball, to win the game,/
The keeper had blocked it, and a trophy was one not gained./

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