No Love (after the style of "Cassie at the Bat")

September 30, 2010
By bjs96 BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
bjs96 BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
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This happened not that long ago, in a Jenna,
Where it didn't matter if you carried your berretta.
This is a story I thought that you sould get to know.
It is about a young man who thought he fell in love, so...

There is this beautiful female this guy really wanted.
Everyone got him wrong; they just thought he was ill hearted.
In reality he just didn't want to be tied down.
The day he saw her, he felt like he got hit on the crown

When he approached her he felt as if he lost all his game,
when she saw what he was about to do, she to him came.
They talked,laughed, and coompletely messed around for a while
Before they went away, she told him what numbers to dial.

They ended up going to the movies within a week.
As they watched the movie, they kissed and he felt weak.
He felt enlightened, like if he was out of this world.
He didn't know that everything was goin to get unfurled.

He tells everyone what happened and gets told he's sprung.
He Laughs and jokes about it and tells themhow they are wrong.
His friend reminds everyone how he is truly withdrawn.
In the back of his mind he knows he is truly gone.

One day, they met up at the mall only because of fate.
He was heated, but when he saw her there was love, no hate.
After they spent time together, he started to text her.
He said the wants to get with a girl, to her did he refer.

This she knew so she went with it and said they really should.
So he ended up asking her that if she really should.
She said she couldn't, not 'til her relationship end.
Until then they should remain what they have been, so just friends.

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