Gramma's Flight

September 30, 2010
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They told me they were going to arrive tonight.
I made sure the door was near and clearly in my sight.
The anticipation grew, as did my huge fear,
That my grandmother’s plane would never reach here!

The doorbell rang, and suddenly my heart sang a song
But then when I looked out the peephole, I knew I was very wrong.
For the pizza guy was the only being in sight,
My anticipation had suddenly reached new heights!

“Momma, when will they arrive?” I asked, very scared.
But she didn’t reply, she was too busy brushing her hair.
“Everything should be perfect,” she had said the other day,
“For your grandmother is coming to visit on Tuesday!”

I went to my dad and asked him innocently why,
Mommy was so busy that she couldn’t even reply.
“MY mommy likes everything to be perfect for her,
So YOUR mommy wants that to happen for sure!”

I did not understand what he said, but anyway,
I stood there and simply nodded my little head. It was becoming later and later at night.
I guess Grandma was not aware of my terrible plight.

12:30, they were supposed to have arrived by now.
No, it is too early; it is only 12:25.
In the matter of a second, the phone loudly rang.
Straight off the couch and right over to it I sprang!

“Natasha dear, I have some extremely terrible news!”
I wondered what it was so hard, and felt a little confused.
“My flight is late; I will get there not today but Wednesday.”

I whined, and the opposed to the reaction I expected from mother
I received one that was obviously another.
Disappointment took over my entire being,
This just could not be the truth that I was seeing!

I trudged up to my bedroom and wiggled into the sheets,
While listening disappointedly to my neighbor’s band’s drum beats.
I finally went to sleep, counting the hours ‘til tomorrow,
Because it seems, grandma’s cookies can solve any sorrow

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