I Love You No More

September 29, 2010
By joey611 SILVER, Hamden, Ohio
joey611 SILVER, Hamden, Ohio
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When your life is upside down, it may seem like you have to learn to stand on your hands to see things as normal again.

You say you want to live your life.
Without me, not as my wife.
I sit and cry.
You watch me die.
You don’t listen to the messages I send.
Believe that I’ll love you until the end.

When will you see that you belong with me.
Forever my love is un-dying.
You look at me with disgust,
A fear of even trying.
You’ve been hurt before.
You pushed away your one true friend.
Believe that I’ll love you until the end.

Each day that goes by my heart breaks a little more.
Sometimes it hurts so bad, I drop to the floor.
In agony I see, you will never want me.
“Just friends”, is all you say.
I hear it everyday.
Why am I the one to bend?
Believe that I’ll love you until the end.

Finally, I see, it will never be,
The two of us together, just me and you forever.
Only after I pull away, you say “Hey!! Today’s the
Day.” You really want me as I’ve wanted you. But I must
Go with my heart, I must choose.
Be with you, love you, and be torn apart.
Or live with myself and follow my heart.

My path is chosen,
A life of love for real.
A girl who can appreciate the way I really feel.
The one girl for me, at last I do see.
God kept me from making a mistake
My heart’s not yours to break.

I need to be loved, not tossed to the side.
The Girl I have chosen wants to be my bride.
Children will come and we’ll watch them grow.
A joy so wondrous, you’ll probably never know.

We’ll grow old together.
Forever just us,
A love built on compassion,
Honesty and trust.
I locked my feelings for you behind a steel door.
Believe that I will love you, never again, no more.

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