Broken Unity

June 3, 2008
What’s become of this broken unity?
An open circuit with nothing running through it.

With people running around, drowning in their riches, to greedy to help. Talking to them is talking to a brick wall; they don’t care of the others, poor and weak.

Why can’t we conserve all this love? Put it in a cookie jar on the top shelf, Yes, hard to reach but used thoughtfully.
yet the cookies are eaten, its too late for that

And we people, like birds, flying away from our problems, already knowing they will return to haunt us the next day.

Ands our mouths overstuffed, with words so wounding, that they can’t be chewed away, spitting out of us, ringing in our ears like a loud bell.

All this revenge and hatred
Another white rose dipped in red paint.

We look into the mirror
only to see a faceless reflection,







And the world, his silent pleas he whispers,
is deaf to our ears.

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