Stay INside

June 3, 2008
Barge your windows lock your doors
Red wetted sand in the arid wars
War Machine keeps belching the lie
The old heads talk while the young men die.

Thou shalt kill screams the invader
He demands posture like the buying slave trader
Pay no mind to the rebel, firebrand
Keep arms held high as we march for Holy Land

One in twelve return boasting trauma and stress
Body abd mind and nerve put to the test
Traded fatigues for hospital gowns
Forget the ones who simply fall down.

Stay inside safe from crime
Because every boogyman has his time
Youth on the cross at home or away
For government killing everyday.

Ignorance is said to be bliss
Read between the lines and miss
Feel informed from tel-all prophets
Follow the leader who seems to have lost it.

Stay with me, ignore body sums
Listen to hearts beat like war drums
Hold strong to stupid animosities
Be sure to fret for your simplicities.

Choose not to see the cause of revolution
See the war machine spewing poetic pollution
Keep close to me ignore the problem clear
I will keep you safe and dumb and simple my dear.

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