I Am From.....

June 3, 2008
I am from
The streets of religion, belief
God, where only
1 lives and breathes.

My religion is Islamic
So the Quran, namaaz, and fasting
Comes with the package.

I am from wood breaking,
Despair, strength
To fight and believe.

Martial arts
Helps me to fight
Helps me to protect
Helps to show no fear,
Helps me to not be a chicken and run away.

I am from
The place where
Education thrives,
Suspension occurs,
An area where I get to be with my amigos.

I am from
Music that
Sings deep within.
A place where there is a chance to be your own.

An instrument
Brings peace,
Energy, dancing music
To bring you alive.

A violin,
My instrument
The power to let stress out.

I am from a terrorizing
Place, where
I exist,
A place where excitement never ends.

I am from life
Where only one
Person breathes,
That person
Is me.

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