With you, I could be

September 26, 2010
By victorEamichael BRONZE, Middletown, New Jersey
victorEamichael BRONZE, Middletown, New Jersey
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Your face continues to appear
your voice just whispers in my ear
im alone wishing you were here
its like an angel just appeared

The sand like clouds up in heaven
i close my eyes and count to seven
as i stare out from the pier
i shed a tear
i feel you're so near
feel you at my rear

Then i turn to leave
oh, what a relieve
your face right there
its not a glare
i feel theres magic in the air

My heart fills with joy
cause you are that one boy
that one boy i love
our love like a dove
so gentle and kind
im so glad i could find

Knowing that there could be me without you
i just have no idea as to what i would do

I look down
down at the ground
thinking of me,
who would i be?
without him right by my side
id be nothing, i lied.
compared to him who shines
i cant believe that he is mine

He tilts up my chin
i cant help but grin
he makes me whole
as he fills up my soul

without you, im a total mess
with you, i become great, no less
without you, i am okay i guess
with you, i can become my very best

Fingers comb through strands of my hair
i open my eyes, look at you, and stare
into that deep blue
with my arms around you
your arms at my waist
in the perfect place
noone in site
the sun still shines bright
for me, you are the perfect height

our lips gently touch
we're alone theres no rush
our clothes on the ground
im so glad, you i found

the waves crash right after i dive
as i come up from the water, i feel so alive
together we swim, laugh and play
as the sun goes down, i here him say
i love you he says
he meets me halfway
our lips gently touch for the last time today

With you i could be
our initials still carved in that tree
wherever, forever
with you i could be

The author's comments:
this describes my perfect date with that one perfect guy

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