June 3, 2008

Twin fangs pierced my skin,
Allowing thick red liquid to run loose down my neck.
I sighed, a numbing pleasure consuming my soul.
This is Heaven, I thought.
“This is Hell,” he whispered.

My lips parted, breathing in his scent,
I moaned, wanting more.
Soon my cravings turned to hunger,
I could feel my own blood pulsing out of me.
Oh, how I wanted it.
I took my finger and traced the line of blood on my neck, put it to my lips and licked it off.
Sweet, sweet, blood of the damned.
How seductive.

The sun burned my white skin,
I shied away from it, putting my hand up to protect me.

I craved the darkness, the security that the moon now brought me.
But that is not all I crave.

A young girl walked by, her scent sickenly sweet.
I wanted it, I wanted her.

My eyes turned black with hunger,
I smiled, uncovering my fangs.
“Goodbye bright world, I’m off to Hell.”

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