World- A Bit Of Weirdness

June 3, 2008
I’m drained of thoughts,
Emptiness lingers-
This paper shouldn’t be written on,
A tree was drained from it,
Millions of dollars wasted.
Our economy- its not right.
A vast gap exists between…
Rich and Poor –Why?
Sleep tonight my child-
Don’t worry about the problems of the world.
There are too many
Dream pleasant dreams.
Of unicorns, and majestical myths.
Of rainbows and princes.
Wander off into the land unknown.
Do not be abashed,
For those who have dreamt
And lived to tell the tale of many
Centuries gone,
Are better, and more enriched
Than those who have hated
And died.
So continue to live and dream
For unbeknownst to ye my child
The lord overlooks upon us all
And chooses some dreams of old
To become realities of a much
Confused world.

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kkonzack said...
Aug. 19, 2008 at 2:08 pm
Great job! This is amazing.
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