The end of the world

September 29, 2010
I’m content being a bird
Maybe now my voice can be heard
I spread my disheveled wings and fly
Fly through the barren sky
My black eyes scan the dark horizon
Only to find no rising sun
My world is a desolate place
No one to recognize my face
I want to take a break and rest
But I must not stop this quest
I have found my home it’s where I belong
It’s where I can sing my song
I sing my awareness of what’s to come
But to them my tone is only a gentle hum
Time goes on and my voice grows weak
I must find someone to take my place and speak
But it’s too late
All I can do is wait
I sit in a tree and watch it all
As the world begins to fall
I see a baby who wears a mask of despair
To him how is this ending fair
There must be a way to stop this
And put an end to this madness
But what can I say
It’s an inevitable day

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