A love for a horse

September 29, 2010
By Anonymous

What can I say?
I never was this sad before.
My tears grow bigger each day I go whithout seeing you...
By my side, right there safe and sound, no time can erase you from my mind...
People say I have to for get you.
But, you mean so much...
That my heart still flutters every time I hear your name aloud.
Like a ghost haunting me...
I touch others but, they're not the same as your gentle touch and breathing.
You're always gentle to me.
If I could I would take you home with me...
Why did you have to leave? Was it something I did?
I miss you... My dear, I miss all the times we had
And I wish we could have more memories to share.
Sometimes, when people day dream they dream about their crushes they bumped into at the mall.
I dream about you... I dream the times we would smile and cry... When I was scared, you were too...
I would think about your overwhelming beauty
You were a favorite to a lot of people but, you were special...
Special to me.
Someone can't not understand the bond that we shared...
Not even Mother Nature who gave us the sun shine for us.
No one gave me the courage like you did... My dear, I could never forget
Someone like you
My dear, Teddy Bear

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a special horse that I can't express to him out loud but, I'm pretty sure he knows how I feel.

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