Buddha Cries Blood in Paradise

June 3, 2008
By Sitharthan Sriharan, Chester, NJ

The land of my Tamil Ancestors
That is where I ate the spicy
But savory Mutton Kottu*
That is where I chased crabs that burrowed in
The sands of beaches in Mullaithivu**
That is where festivals of music and
Light gave a new life to villagers' nights
That is where I ate jack fruit in
Jaffna** grown by cinnamama***
But now Buddha cries blood in paradise
People are snatched by the dark of the night
And do not return with the rising sun
Extrajudicial kills are soldier thrills
Eyes lusting for murder, Guns lusting for blood
Women's gardens are violently trampled
By sadistic Buddhists with Mein Kampf looks
Cowards drop bombs of hatred from the air
Engulfing school girls in a blackened death
Genocide breeds in shadows of war
Staying away from the world’s line of sight
Hiding my crucified people's plight

*a spicy Tamil dish consiting of mutton curry, chopped up roti, onions, and tomatoes.

**Districts in the the North and East of Sri Lanka

*** Cinna means 'small' in tamil, and mama means 'uncle', and cinnamama means 'small uncle' literally, but really means younger uncle.

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