farewell and forever gone

June 3, 2008
Standing upon the misty roof
Tonight I will show you the nasty truth
Not everyone is strong
As I will be gone
This world I will leave behind
For no one was ever kind
All this misery and pain
There is nothing to gain
All the sorrow, fear and hate
I cannot fight my fate
Stay by my side
So I won’t have to bide
A farewell I will say
Tomorrow is another day

I will always remember
In that late December
That one fateful night
Where you forever left my sight
Please come back to me
So I can always see
You bright and warm smile
Please stay by me for a while
I don’t want to be alone
Oh, I miss you so
These tears will never go
I sit in this room
Always watching the moon
We are under the same sky
I hate living this lie

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sammysunshine said...
Aug. 7, 2008 at 8:51 pm
wow marina.
i knew you could write this well.....but this is AWESOME!!
great job!!
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