June 3, 2008
By Cara Tompot, Westlake, OH

Dear Daddy
I am 1 year old today
Yeah, I’ve been around one whole year
I had a big party today
All my family was around
Well almost…
You weren’t here.

Dear Daddy
I just turned 5
I can ride a bicycle now
I started school today
Everyone got to bring their mommy and daddy to school
But not me
You weren’t here

Dear Daddy
I am now a 10 year old
Yep, I reached double digits today
I am a big girl now
Mommy is proud
You would be too
But you’re not here.

Dear Daddy
I am a teenager now
A proud 13 year old
I had my first kiss today
I am thrilled
I doubt you would be
But it doesn’t matter
You’re not here.

Dear Daddy
I just turned 16
I can drive now
A real, big girl
I remember you talking about being a big girl
I remember your promises
To help me drive
To be with me when I got my license
Empty promises but still promises

Dear Daddy
I graduated last week
I looked for you
I waited to hear you make fun of me in my gorgeous green robe
But I couldn’t find you
You weren’t there.

Dear Daddy
I’m out of college already.
I have a boyfriend
I think I love him
I wish you could meet him
Of course you have a shot gun in hand
But you’re not here.

Dear Daddy
I walked down the aisle today
Yep, your daughter got married
I hoped you’d show up
To give me away to my husband
But I walked alone
You weren’t here.

Dear Daddy
I got my first job
I am 26 now
I am an English teacher
You would be proud
But you’re not here.

Dear Daddy
Mom died today
I cried
I cried hard
I looked to you for comfort
I still could not find you
Because you weren’t here.

Dear Daddy
I am dying now
I have lived a long life
I could always live longer
I would continue looking for you
I never gave up, I never would
My faith barely waivered
But you still are not here.

You were never here
I still wonder if you ever were

Dear Daddy
I love you
Even though you were never here.

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