I Am The Person

June 3, 2008
By Samantha Abrams, Bethel, VT

I am the person who dreams of chocolate, basketball, and better grades,
Who loves their friends, and loves guacamole,
Who reads to pass the time, and loves turtles, whales, and the ocean,
Who is an avid actress, basketball player, and enjoys an occasional adventure,

I am the person who works hard and aims to achieve,
Who works hard for what she believes in, maybe too hard sometimes,
Who doesn’t like American, bleu, or goat cheese,
But loves every other kind, especially smoked cheddar,

I am the person who loves to eat dumplings, chocolate, and Cinnamon Bun ice cream,
Who likes to shop with her friends and have a great time,
Who wishes she had an amazing semi formal dress, but knows she probably won’t get one,
Who loves to dance, but never gets the chance to,

I am the person who plays a drum set for hours, wishing to have one of my own,
Who finds friendships frustrating and fun, with failures and favorites forever,
Who is confused about so many things and yearns to learn more in any situation,
I am the person who wishes to sing.

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