Romiet and Julio

June 2, 2008
By Michaela Thorne, Rocky Mount, NC

Oh Julio, to whom I give love,
You look like a big, stuffed turtle dove,
I’ll love you till someone better comes by
Till a cuter and smarter guy says, “Hi!”.

Now Romiet, you know how I fret
I look at your face and feel regret
Your face is grotesque, to my naked eye
I truly hope another guy comes by.

Oh look over there, my Romiet.
The answer to all our prayers is met.
Beyond the trees is a man whose splendor
Is sure to win your heart of render.

I guess I’ll walk up and have a chat
With this hunk, unlike you, who’s not a brat.
We’ll chat, we’ll mingle, and snuggle too
And soon enough, I’ll call him, “Boo”

Yet persistent and bothersome so
Are thoughts of loosing your manic woe.
You’re rude, annoying, and ugly to me,
But that’s why we’re joined for eternity.

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