A Place

September 27, 2010
By Anonymous

There is a place I like to go
Whether looking for fun, or just feeling low
I get a car full of friends and drive
I drive until I reach that gravel road, that makes me feel alive
I take that right and follow the gravel
As my nervousness begins to unravel
My adrenaline really starts pu,ping
and my heart, I can feel it thumping
One by one, we get out of my car
But when I see the bottom, it seems so far
So I think of turning back
Fot a fear of heights, I certainly do not lack
Although time after time, I keep on going
You'd think by now, I'd begin knowing
As one by one, my friends seem daring
And I step closer, staring
But when I notice I'm the only one left atop,
I realize there is now no way i can stop
My eyes shut, I step up to the edge
And find myself slipping over the edge
But on that trip all the way down,
is that feeling coming back around
The instant your body becomes numb
It is the reason we all come
And when I feel water all around me,
I swim to the surface and wipe my eyes to see
A bright smile spreads across myy face
and a mouthful of happiness, I begin to taste
I make my way to my friends, in a line
For that moment of happiness, will once again be mine
My turn and i step up to the ridge
But this time, pounce off this fifteen foot bridge
As always, my courage begins to grow
For this is the place, I like to go.

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