American Dream

June 2, 2008
By Alexis Stender, De Moines, IA

American Dream

Horror flicks.

Games and tricks.

Our future awaits as the clock ticks.

Tick-tock, tick-tock,

Listen as they yell and mock

Tick-tock, tick-tock

The door of fantasy through which you entered

Is locked.

This is the time when gone is the rich country of bliss,

Or at least you don't care if you're really so rich

Because it's just like a slum

Everywhere you look is scum

And you don't even know where some people come from.

Kids who steal nickels, dimes, and dollars from their friends

Will be robbing banks by the time our world ends.

And it's not their fault either,

These kids are just confused

T.V. and music

They're only trying to stay amused

And these things are even encouraged to be used

But then the lessons we learn are the freedoms we lose.

It's like you're giving us options from which we cannot choose.

It seems like every day it's getting worse and worse

It looks to me as if these people just thirst and thirst

For the chance to be stealing

Opportunities for killing

It's unbelievable-


How they find it so thrilling.

And some of the men-

These perverted child-callers...

Some of these men beat women and find pleasure in their hollers

And the government tollerates it all

It's kinda mind-boggling how

They actually find it pleasing

That's right.

Just say "cheese!" and smile for the camera you rich and wealthy

Because your children are healthy

And lean

And you are living a dream

While women and children scream

And your pockets are filled...

While the citizens of your own nation can't even pay the bills

You make me so ill.

But that's right-you don't have to give.

You've already decided they don't deserve to live

So they can strive to survive if they wanna stay alive

Or else they die.

You know what I think...

Your american dream is a lie

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