Running Through

June 2, 2008
By Anna Harrison, Las Cruces, NM

Time-sometimes a friend, sometime a foe
How quick it is, but yet so slow
How we wish it would stay so long and forever
How fast we change our minds, oh time is so clever
Sometimes we think of it as a treacherous glow
Other times we feel as if it darkens our soul
Time is tricky, time is sly
You drift into a thought, and then it flies
Time is like a human or a person I should say
Time changes, but yet it stays the same
But there’s one thing we do have, that we don’t share
We move one in life while time just stays there
So help us as we go through these hard times in life
Help us contain this depression inside
Let these hard moments run into the past
For the good will come, it is the best for last

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