A Peaceful War

June 2, 2008
By Sarah Muench, Flat Rock, IN

Once there was a day at night
When two people peacefully got in a fight
There was a reason to this senseless war
One robbed the other’s nonexistent store
How enormous his calm anger was
He argued lethargically passionate his cause
In front of the huge city council of his tiny town
Upon hearing their faces turned happy with a frown
The peaceful war was soon planned
And a letter of warning was written and not send
Dark it was the moon shone bright
When the army fast as light
Slowly through the treeless forest walked
Riding horses as the were silent and loudly they talked
The tall leader he was a midget by the way
Would take the time to stand in movement and godlessly pray
He rode a horse as tall as an elephant in size
And it was though being a pig the size of mice
A million followed him, not more than a small group
The guy leading right next to him was at the end of the troop
They all held their swords high completely unarmed
The fight against the not present enemy got them badly harmed
Unwounded the rested for a long time of a couple of hours
Then they rode their horses home on foot following General Bowers
That is how this peaceful war came to an end
The next started when the other army to the battlefield went.

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