I am Strong

June 2, 2008
Strong is a very good choice of word
That is what I am
Not strong like how much you can weight lift
But the strong ness that keeps you going

I was not born to be strong
I asked to be strong
I did not go to my mother for help
I had to work at being who I am

It’s like going to school everyday
Learning something new
I know what’s wrong and what’s right
I know who is wrong and who is right

I learned to be brave
I stand up for myself and I never let myself down
Even I can change how people feel around me
I am there for people as I want them to be there for me

I stand up for the poor
I listen and talk to everyone
I want to be treated the way I treat others
I even ignore stress when it stands in my way

I am in charge of myself and only me
I stand alone in this world
Just trying to find the real girl in me
Alone I sometimes wait for what is next to come in this life

Nobody knows why we are here
I live day for day and only what I say
If you stop worrying everything will fall into place
It always does

Why worry about who your next boyfriend or girlfriend will be?
There is always time
That’s all we have on this planet
Is time

How is it so bad if we choose to wait to be happy?
Why fall for something that’s not true?
Don’t let yourself become obsessed with something that’s not there
Don’t make yourself love someone or something for nothing

Why waste your life?
When there is so much more that you are able to do
Why waste your time being negative?
When you can be a happy positive person

There is so much to explore out there
Why sit inside and watch TV?
When you can be out making discoveries
Be adventures and you will see

Just trust me
I’m strong and you can be to
If you try
Just don’t hold things inside

Come on just give it a try

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