My Dog

June 2, 2008
By Omar Zurita, Hubbard, OR

My dog is happy and nice

Has more spots than a dice

He will jump at u with surprise

He has small floppy ears

And a tail at the rear

This pup will jump at u and appear

“Bark!” Bark!” when someone knocks on the door

When they open up he’s rolling on the floor

His harness falls off that he just wore

And away he goes right out the door

He’s running and running no one can stop him

He runs so fast no wonder he’s slim

And he see’s a lake he’s going for a swim

We smell something nasty it’s unpleasing

It’s actually the pup it’s the horror we are breathing

We give him a bath he’s nice and clean

Back to his daily routines

And he goes to sleep

He will sleep like a queen

And off he goes into his dreams

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