Dance of the Universe

June 2, 2008
Wind whistles past my face, bringing tickling sensations to my ears;
The sun sends its dancing rays down, caressing my face.
Closing my eyes, I hear the sweet song of the river, as it hurtles and races between and around the smooth rocks.
Lying back, the coolness of the grass soothes my hot skin, while twirling a blade between my fingers.
The trees dance to the rhythm the wind has set; and the leaves flash green and gold against the cloudless sky.
Great is the sight I look upon;
The shadowy mountains border the horizon, jutting out against the infinite blue.
I feel the Earth; It moves beneath me;
I listen to the Earth, It sings to me;
I smell the Earth; It fills my head with its rich aroma.
I believe that I am part of the Earth;
That all are part of the Earth, as all are part of me.
As the Earth moves, we all move;
As the Earth sings, we all sing;
We all exist, as the Earth exists;
Intertwined in the dance of the Universe.

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