Happiness Rains

October 6, 2010
By karissalynb GOLD, Elmore, Ohio
karissalynb GOLD, Elmore, Ohio
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Your happiness it falls like rain it's almost like you've gone insane I sit here smiling with you wondering what kept you blue but forgetting it with warm embrace a smile now stretches across my face I sigh a huge sigh of relief no longer do I worry about grief the sparks that were there before feel like they're even more so now I smile and close my eyes no more worrying about the lies of I'm ok I'll be fine you've changed me now more than I think and the way we touched makes me feel tickled pink we sit inside my car singing songs and though I don't know the words I still sing along you look over at me seeing something I can't I wonder what it is and look right back every time my heart skips a track but I never tell you how I feel so it makes me wonder if it's real.

The author's comments:
So that ex finally got out of that rut of his and I wanted to tell him exactly how I felt about him but I didn't have any words besides my poems that I kept trying to get him to read but he never did until we were over.

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