My Apologies

September 15, 2010
By mmcox BRONZE, Everett, Washington
mmcox BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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I’m sorry for all the times
I made you feel like shit.
The times I sunk you way down low
And called you a hypocrite.

I’m sorry for all the anger,
the crazy and the bad.
The times you must have thought
“This is the worst girlfriend I’ve ever had.”

I’m sorry for the moments
Where my world was falling apart.
The times you tried to hold me up
By exposing all your heart.

I’m sorry for the days
That didn’t go too well
The times I would find some problem
And decided just to yell.

I’m sorry for the nights
When all you wanted was to sleep.
The times that I would rip you up
And you just took it without a peep.

I’m sorry for all the times
I just wasn’t there.
The times you could have used my support
But I was unaware.

I’m sorry for my problem
The one that was loving you.
The times I spent certain
That you felt the same way too.

I’m sorry that I was stupid
For honestly believing.
The times I swore that you were different
But you were so deceiving.

I’m sorry that you made me feel
Like I was super weak.
The times that I missed you so much
That I couldn’t speak.

I’m sorry that I missed you
So much that it made me sick.
The times that I would just throw up
Thinking about you with another chick.

I’m sorry that I gave you
Full possession of my life.
The times I swore I couldn’t live
And just held tightly to that strife.

I’m sorry that I ever thought
That I really needed you.
The times I made dumb apologies
When only one is true.

I’m sorry that you’re too cocky
To give me a second try.
The times you have can now be spent
Seeing me smile with a better guy.

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