Summer Love

September 14, 2010
By pixiestixs101 GOLD, Phoenix, Oregon
pixiestixs101 GOLD, Phoenix, Oregon
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The sticky, sweet summer air,
Blowing throughout the grass,
Whispering a secret song.

We lay still, thinking.
I feel no need to talk,
No need to talk that useless lover jargon
I’m very content.

Even though the air is hot and stiff,
I still come closer,
Cuddling with you.

The air is changing.
The sky is going from clear blue,
To deep purples, and pinks.
The catalysts of the world, slowing down.

We lay still,



Our fingers intertwined.

We lay, watching the sky change.
Soon the stars come out,
Twinkling in the sky.

I realize just how many stars there are.
There are so many stars, just imagine what is possible.
I suddenly realize how small I am beneath the stars.

This moment I will never forget.
My mind has an epitaph, of this moment.
When I’m 80, I will still remember.

Although tomorrow you are leaving,
And I won’t see you again,

I will still always remember.

Remember you

This summer.

This night,

My first love

Forever, for always.

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