September 14, 2010
By pixiestixs101 GOLD, Phoenix, Oregon
pixiestixs101 GOLD, Phoenix, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
When you know what you want the whole world conspires you to achieve it"- The Alchemist

They all see her,
Sitting there,
Patiently waiting…

She’s sitting there
As the light pours upon her skin,
And the blue sky, brightens her eyes.
She’s just sitting there

Waiting for what she doesn’t even know,
Because she thought she was waiting for him.
She thought….

But although she thinks he’s coming,
The real him is not.
What she loves about him,
Is lost…

She cant find that boy that made her laugh
Laugh like there was nothing left to fear.

That boy that made her smile,
Like the new horizons of today.

That boy that made her feel happy,
Like soft legs slipping into clean sheets…

That boy is forever lost,

He’s gone,
Now just enters an empty shell
A shell that used to be everything to her,
But now,
Well its nothing.

Something escaped from him,
And his feelings are gone,
He can no longer make her smile and laugh,

He just doesn’t care…
Her feelings, are just cast out,
Unwanted, he doesn’t care…

And although she tries to speak to him,
And ask him to please, just please love her

She ask them to act like when they first met,
With all the passion and love

And then he replys,
The empty shell, replys…

So there she is,
So patiently waiting,
Never going to give up…

Just waiting

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