Moment of Truth

June 2, 2008
By Nairita Nandy, Alpharetta, GA

If you've finally found your way,
You've said good bye to yesterday,
And now you're ready to get blown away,
There's no turning back once you've hit the highway

Keep on running, don't look back,
At the world and what it seemed to lack,
Your life had never seemed so white and black,
A moment of truth has been seen through the crack

Keep going and don't look behind,
At your old life, it'll just remind,
You, Of all the people who were never kind
Just keep hanging on, you don't know what you'll find

Once you've finally reached the sky,
You look down at the world and wonder why,
Why only some people laugh but so many more cry,
And still there are those who want to die

Keep on breathing- you've never felt this high,
It feels so good, you swear you could fly,
But looking down at the world you can't help but sigh,
Seeing them filled with darkness, you wonder why

"Why do people do this to themselves?", you ask,
Always being so down seems like a hard task,
Why does everyone always have to wear a mask?
"Why can't they just be who they are?" you can't help but ask

You look back at how people are so condemned,
Because they don't see that life is a beautiful gem,
They don't realize how the flower's main part is the stem,
Then you smile in disbelief at how you used to be one of them

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