She's Not What You Think

September 25, 2010
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Playful flirting?
Innocent texting?
Do you really believe she doesn't know?
Do you really believe she didn't plan this?
That you're falling for her,Slowly crawling into her web
Where she'll snatch you up
Just like all the others.
She doesn't care how long it takes
She just cares that sooner or later you'll be hers
Falling deeply in love
First step is friendship
Then it goes to best buddies
Innocent flirting is next
(After all, it's just flirting, right?)
Sooner or later
Her looks
Once bland and unattractive
Will become familiar and comforting
Like a home, or someone who really understands your problems
Then she turns you against others
Isolating you,
'Till you spontaneously realize
"She's the one!"
Well, my friend
At this point, all I can say is:
1. You're not the only one
&2. R.I.P.

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