our lives

June 2, 2008
By Jhad Newsom, Hubbard, OR

Dare to enter our shady cove
All the people screaming
Release us now please
Kill our pain
Never have we felt this pain
Every one dies
Screaming all the while
Screaming of death

Flailing trying to swim
All of us can float
Love is of little value
Laughter is forbidden
Some live some don’t

Resting on a broken ship
Everyone is different
Some survive
Ordeals can matter
Rebellion is a matter
This is our life

Never ending
Every leaving in the end
Waiting to be free

Yearning to be loved
Or forever more
Remember my life
Karma is always there

Swimming through our troubles
We will always be together

347 dead
455 missing
57 bodies found

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