Angel Boy

June 2, 2008
Up in Heaven
Soaring high
Up above
With God

His fate was decided
His time had come
To say good-bye
And nobody would have guessed it would end this way

There is no this will go away
There is no forgetting
There is no getting over it
There is no not loving you my little Angel Boy

Nemo was found
But there was no saving you
It was too late
No coming home with us

I hope you are smiling
I hope you are laughing
I hope there are no tears in your eyes
I hope there is only happiness

I remember your voice
I remember your smile
I remember your laugh
I remember who you were

Sure there were times we would fight like cats and dogs
But there were other times that was full of laughter
My love for you never went away
The kind of love that only siblings know

The day you left my whole world changed
Forever altered
Forever will there be a scare on my heart
I will always miss you

I never want to experience pain like that again
The kind that grips you

And will not let you go
My little Angel Boy

My little Angel Boy
Up in Heaven
The one with the headstone
That reads “Never had a sad day”

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