September 24, 2010
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I close my eyes
How can this be?
The people that I've always loved
Are crashing down all around me

How did it get mo mixed up
Now I'm so confused
I didn't realize I caused so many problems
And now my feelings are all bruised

I knew we weren’t as close
And that problems would arise
But now it's clear I wasn't ready for this
It's evident in my eyes

Those hurtful words
It will never be the same
And I know I shouldn't give up
But then again, I'm always the one to blame

You say I've changed, that I'm different
And I act like I'm the best
That I put you down to bring me up
So now I've put our friendship to the test

I'm cold inside, I'm stubborn
I'm the one who's always wrong
I'm compared to the person who irritates you the most
I'm like a violent, harsh playing song

I make all of you mad
And I'm jealous of every aspect of you
I'm sorry I'm such a loser
I guess that's why we always argue

And the worst part is
My best friend criticized me the most
Which shows that I'm all alone
I wish I could evaporate like a ghost

So how do I act now?
Now that I'm so horrible
I can't pretend nothing happened
So I'll put up my guard and be careful

Time to fake a smile
And put on my good face
Because you guys have changed me now
So I'll start packing up my suitcase

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