Arizona Immigration Law

September 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Could the governor of Colorado follow Brewer’s steps? Colorado is only one of nearly 20 states who are considering the law which is being called unconstitutional by other states. Jan Brewer (Governor of Arizona) has ordered officers to patrol the streets and stop people who they suspect to be illegal. Which she says is darker than the average Caucasian. In other words Hispanics, who make up 30% of the Arizona population. In my point of view, the SB 1070 law is racist because according to Governor Brewer the law is being added because of drug trafficking from Mexico to the U.S., but not all immigrants are narks.
According to President Barack Obama wants to work “compassionately and fairly” with illegal immigrants already living in the U.S. He believes that if the flow of immigrants slows down, over time immigrants already living here can be absorbed into the American population and economy. Obama greatly criticized Brewer and gave long speeches on the subject, but what did he do? Nothing. For that reason he has been criticized as well. The Hispanic population that voted for Obama is starting to question whether voting for him was a good choice or not because he has made a lot of promises, but has done very little.
Since 2001 the DREAM act bill has been endorsed by more than a thousand organizations. The DREAM Act bill enacts certain undocumented students that have graduated from their primary and secondary schools to pay the same tuition as other students in public institutions of higher education. Ten states currently have laws that enable them these rights. Those states are: California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. Other states have considered making a similar change. In 2008 president Barack Obama set out a debate against Hillary Clinton on which he stated that the Dream act beneficiaries are “American children for all intents and purposes.” The website has writers who give their opinion on what Barack Obama has done for the Hispanic community; and their comments are not positive. One person in particular, Helen Smith wrote “Barack H. Obama Jr. is such a complete disappointment especially for being the son of an immigrant himself. It really does not surprise me because most human beings especially politicians are all talk but no action.

In a way I understand why Governor Brewer would want to put out a law such as the SB 1070 with the drug trafficking coming from Mexico, but think of this way now. Is every illegal immigrant here to distribute drugs? Or is it only a fraction? Most immigrants come to the United States for one purpose; to have a better life and help out families left behind in their native country. Most undocumented people face discrimination each day because of the color of their skin some Americans assume right away that they are illegal. They are judged for not perfecting the English language. Governor Brewer ordered police officers to patrol the streets and stop people they suspect to be illegal. A lot of people agree that the SB 1070 law is racist and unjust because the majority of illegal people are not bad people they are hard workers. They do not take jobs from citizens; they just do the work the citizens do not want to do because of the low wages or the backbreaking labor.

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