My No Longer Secret

September 11, 2010
By KristinaG BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
KristinaG BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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You're the one I trust.
You've earned this gold badge.
I tell you about my skeleton.
the red thread connects us.

you can't stand the bubbling,
that finger cant hold the pressure.

It spills out of your mouth.
you're an overflowing glass of water under a hose.

this wave barrels down a rickety hallways,
flooding the ears of fellow spectators.
flooding waters becomes this mucky goo that clings to the unforgiving minds who dominate these hallways.

you killed me.
trusting you was equivalent to suicide.
ignorance to your black soul,
has cost me mine.
now I'm lost in a pool of darkness and mockery.

you were the one i trusted.
now forever my skeleton dances among text books and sneakers.
this mouth dribble echoes these hallways,
never depleting in strength.
I'm scared because I trusted you.


The author's comments:
when i wrote this i was beyond mad at my sister and my fiance` explained to me that i should focus my anger into something healthy. so i drew a vicous drawing and wrote yah. i guess parents are right when they say punch a pillow or write it out.

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