Walking Through A Storm

June 2, 2008
By Elsabet Tesfasellasse, Jacksonville, FL

I walk through a storm
Unafraid of dying
The caress of the roses against my bare skin
Awakening the love of my soul
The rain starts to pound
Soaking me throughout
Lightning strikes down
Bringing flame to a branch
Scattering it into pieces
Like the pieces of my heart
The thunder roars
Raising the beat of my pulse and my heart begins to erode
My freedom set with no boundaries
My wings still strong enough to ride the wind
The beauty of flying into the everlasting sky
Sinking into the all enveloping night
I walk and then begin to run
Where reality and time has no place to fit
My thoughts interrupted
Always of things lethal and vitiate
Distracted by the voices in the wind
Whispers to find my peace of mind
Soaring in my imaginary realty dimension
Healing my invisible scars
Fighting a never ending war
With pain causing my loneliness to escape
I walk through a storm
Never caught without a scream
Never having a feeling of safety
Without the pain or love I will never survive
I walk through a storm
My feet never lifting from the ground
I fight for that breath of sanity
Clawing out my way of emptiness
The night always there for me
Leaving me my freedom and cloud of mist
I walk through a storm
Yearning to feel useful
Though I still stand strong with strength
My world is torn and my heart still crushed
Though I still stand strong
Never faltering my path through a storm

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