A Saviour's Weeping Tale

June 2, 2008
By Subat Bashir, London, ZZ

She sat in silence waiting for answers
Believing her fate would intervene
Her belief was strong and her love so true
But she missed every opportunity life threw her way
Holding on to the past like a charm so precious
She cried for the innocence of her youth
Knowledgeable and so strong was she
Yet still it was knowledge bringing her down

They came like the wind of hope so drastic
Relighting the fire in her eyes
Their teachings unique brought her back
To the presence in her life
Her explanations where weak but her will still sturdy
She cried for their hearts to understand

Think she said; if I put it to you,
That life was unsteady and my mind so hazy
Would you give the importance deserved to it?
Think she said, if I cried out loud
The light is red and the sky falling down
The truth is a mystery and actions unknown
Would you love enough, would your belief be so strong?
Would you have faith and trust to know what I don’t?
When the evidence is lost as is my mind
Would you trust me enough, to know what I know?

But their wits where set so strong in stone
Baring no wavers from the strongest of minds
And their eyes so sad the pity discernible as they looked in despair
She was lost where their thoughts inconceivable was she
So with their eyes downcast and a roll off the tongue
They parted their ways her rally dismissed

For she was a lost soul, but hear this, it’s true
Her intelligence was unknown her power undiscovered
For her wisdom was far beyond their time
And believe it my friends, cause this much is true
Had their minds been open to the uniqueness of thoughts
Had their wit been truly true
She’d have saved all humanity
For the truth my friends is, and do not waver, as it is;
This one special girl, with her mind so tangled
Was a chance sent down from the gods above

Go they had said, for their world is in danger
Help them they said, but only, and listen close,
If they believe your merit will you be their saviour
So she left with hope and believe they would
But they did not and alone she stood

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