Why Euthanasia should be legalized

September 3, 2010
By mandibabi26 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
mandibabi26 BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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If you had a family member who was very ill and who was wishing to die so they could stop suffering, would you want to put them out of misery? Well there is a way you could put them out of this. Euthanasia is the way to put people out of their pain. Taking your life into your own hands should be legalized everywhere. The choice is yours and you have the right. Most people would say that euthanasia is a horrible thing and it should not be legal anywhere but countries such as: Australia, Belgium, India, Israel, Columbia and Germany have all already legalized euthanasia under certain circumstances. I will be talking about the different ways euthanasia has an impact in people who really need it.
Voluntary euthanasia is where you are asking to end your life because you might be in pain and you want to alleviate your suffering or you feel that you should no longer live if you are ill in the hospital. Another way to look at it is “silent killing”. In hospitals, a lot of medical funds go towards the machines that keep people alive who do not wish to be alive. Not saying everyone who is hooked up to a machine should die but for those who are suffering should have a say in their life. Many pious people use their religion beliefs to go against euthanasia.
Statistics show 35 percent of the United States is against euthanasia. A lot of this percentage is religious people who say, “Euthanasia is opposed by those who believe that it is against the will of God to end a life, be it voluntary or involuntary.” This means that whether if euthanasia is needed or not, it is going against God’s wishes. The percentage also includes people who talk about how they think it will be put in the wrong hands of doctors and physicians. This particular group also says that by legalizing euthanasia, it’s taking away many innocent lives who may want to live through their pain and suffering.
If euthanasia was legal, people would not have to fly half way around the world just to be euthanized. Millions of people travel to countries where “mercy killing” is allowed such as Switzerland and Germany. It would be a much simple procedure to do if it was legal everywhere in the United States. You wouldn’t have to pay extra money just to fly to a country when it could just be done right here in Colorado. How does Euthanasia get legalized? All it would take is a petition with many signatures and for the government to vote on it and pass the law. Look how easy it would be just to sign a petition with one little signature.
It is said by many people that euthanasia would not be for the terminally ill but for the people who want to commit suicide. There are lots of people out there who are looking to get out of there pain and euthanasia would be perfect. The Do Not Resuscitate policy is another form of euthanasia. It is a helpful option for anyone and everyone who wants euthanasia. If it was legalized, it may be a right choice instead of living through your pain.
Looking back into my paper, you see that there are pros and cons on euthanasia. Euthanasia is an important subject to me because it’s a freedom of choice topic and it should be offered to everyone. Like I have said, it may take awhile to be legalized but, it would be worth it to so many people. Legalizing a law like this may lead to legalizing other laws like stem cell research or gay rights, which some people strongly believe in. It really could lead to bigger and better things.

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