brooklyn place to eat

June 2, 2008
By Arner Cruz, South Plainfield, NJ

People in Brooklyn have a place to eat.
Everyday the owner will
See someone new to meet.
This place is called is called
Madison Square Park Stand.
Funny thing is that it doesn’t take too much land.
Juicy burgers with
Some soda.
With some lettuce the day goes by.
Even the rich
Go there to eat.
The drinks are so good
And is so the meat.
“I would show my service to everyone” said the owner
The place to eat
And just have fun.
A place to relax
And wait in the sun.
A place to talk.
And a place to walk.
My place is open to this city.
But in my heart it’s a pity.
That I have to work all day long.
And no one will sing me even a song.
But this stand will provide food
To the people of New York.
And they will use hopefully forks.
When this stand closes at night.
I suffer until the sun bright.
Because I know I will see my customers again.
And I will provide them food to the end.

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