A Last Goodbye

September 14, 2010
The sunlight bright on her face and wall
The tears of her sorrow thick did fall
Her hands were stained from ink and grief
Of the letters written, but never received

The man she loved had gone to France
And never again his face she glanced
Her letters where all sent in vain
And now she was feeling a lonely pain

Her life was coming to an end
The doctor’s letter said in her hand
She wished to see the face once more
Of the man she wanted at the door

She bowed her head and sagged to the floor
Her lover seemed to love her no more
She felt her life ending, but what could she do?
‘Nothing’ entered her mind, and the answer was true

She lay on the floor dieing, wishing to see her sir
When two big boots stepped right next to her
The man stooped down, and held her hand
She gasped in delight, trying to stand

But her legs where too frail and weak
And she collapsed sadly onto his knee
He begged for apology, tears in his eyes
She accepted in gladness, with a small smile

She stretched the fingers of her hand
To lastly touch the face of that man
Her hand fell limp, her head grew weak
And at last she fell into eternal sleep

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