Life is Short, Live it to the Fullest

June 2, 2008
With her son slain, her tears pour like rain,
She felt as if she would always live in vain.
Her love, soul, and life put away in the cold,
For Mrs. Mclver, wouldn’t let her son turn to mold,
She’ll cherish him forever even though his life is sold.

My son, my son my remainder life is now gone,
My own blood has touched death and now the time is set.
He’s being railroaded, don’t got murder in his heart,
Lived his first life, and the second now to start.
When the time comes and a person dearest to you dies,
It‘s like everything around you stops to rise.

Murder, Murder has occurred; the evil has booked her,
Living with her sons’ coffin, her tears now softening.
Evil is true, it is near, the life of all is in the rear,
Life is Short, Live it to the Fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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