Obama's Health

June 2, 2008
By Raja Patel, South Plainfield, NJ

Obama’s Health
Daily News, May 30, 2008

Barak Obama never had a checkup since
starting his campaign.
Last January
the doctor found him
in “excellent health”.

Both mental and physical.
The doctor was also pleased
that Obama has quit smoking!
He is using Nicorette gum successfully.

The 46-year-old
Obama’ recent physical exam
showed no signs of
But the doctor wrote the following:

Obama’s Blood pressure was 90/60.
His heart rate was 60 beats per minute.
Barak’s cholesterol level was a 173
and his body is built lean and muscular,
without any extra fat.

Barak Obama’s diet was balanced.
According to Robert Gibbs “He’s healthy as a horse”.
Compared to John McCain’s which had a history of
skin cancers.

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