Dancing on the Graves

June 2, 2008
Dancing on the Graves
Home News Tribune, May 30, 2008

Dancing at a wedding reception
Mastellone was doing the limbo.
Video cameras show him cleaning
his very expensive cars.
Even threatening a bus driver.

He invites the bus driver
to get off the bus and fight.
He steps up on the first step
without any physical pain.

Feds subpoenaed the video tapes.
Using it to show he should be locked up.
3 years of scamming the September 11th
Victim Compensation Fund
of nearly $1.1million.

Mastellone took money out of greed.
Money that should’ve been used
for other 9/11 victims in real pain.

He convinced overseers on 9/11
that he suffered a severe
herniated disk in his spine.

Prosecutors say
his back troubles started
in a car accident in 1994

They say Mastellone wasn’t even tossed
across the 43rd-floor.
The father of 3 pleaded guilty in January
to 37 months in prison.

Mastellone became hooked on pills and alcohol.
Leading to suicide thoughts.

He had the feeling
that he had no right to live.
When thousands died
in this terrible situation.

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