June 2, 2008
Danny Meyer is looking
To spice up the streets of Brooklyn.
By opening a burger joint
called Shake Shack.

The owner of Madison Square Park
is known for its
Outstanding juicy burgers.
He wants
To bring a mobile shake truck
To downtown Brooklyn.
Marty Markowitz
the borough president
loves the fine food.

Danny meyer has
wanted to open
A shake shack in Brooklyn
For awhile now.

The borough president has
been pushing
Meyer to come to Brooklyn.

She claims that it is
her job to bring
quality food to Brooklyn.
She would
to have her staff as food tasters.

The shake shack opened in 2004.
This would now be the
third opening for them.
Soon Meyer plans to open
on 77th st and Columbus ave.
On the upper west side

Meyer also owns union square café,
Gramercy tavern and The modern

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