a mental patient at one point,

June 2, 2008
By megan mcmahon, South Plainfield, NJ

A mental patient at one point,
Not wanted in her town.

Kathleen Hagen,
Of Monmouth Beach,
Had an accident
Many years ago,
Controlled by insanity

About 8 years ago,
Kathleen had killed
Her mother and father

It is true that she was
Mentally ill at that time;
Hagen was found not guilty.

Neighbors are not happy
That she is on their street
When they know what she did
Years ago

When Kathleen is found outside,
The neighbors
Don’t let their children
Roam outside
On their own street

There is only one person
Who actually says hello,
And waves to the woman;
That is the mailman

There were many complaints
To the town about their neighbor;
They were about being nervous
For their children.

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