Wonder and Awe

June 1, 2008
By Lauren Conley, Cincinnati, OH

What makes people do the things they do? Is it just to see if they can do it or is it more than that? Have they thought about doing it before now or are they being spontaneous and hoping everything turns out ok. I have always wondered what drives us to these actions. It could be passion within them or just plan curiosity. When people hurt another person, I wonder if they even care how that person feels. When they open their mouth and begin that long span of words that stab deep into every bone in your body; do they even second guess what they’re saying? Is there heart pounding as hard as mine? Are their eyes burning their entire head? There are two different types of people in this world; ones with a heart and ones without a heart, and I'm just wondering which one is staring back at me. Times like these make me the way I am. How do I ever begin to trust people or try not to doubt them. When some guy tells me " I really car about you", do I believe him? No, because all I'm hearing is "I really want in your pants." What about when a friend says "I won't tell a soul" when what they really mean is, "I can’t wait to tell everyone I know!" I may be cynical about things and not give people a chance most of the time but what about all those people that I'm right about? The ones without a heart, the ones who open there mouth and could careless about what comes out. The ones I consider the devils servants. Don’t get me wrong, I'm all about your mind but this is different. These people are speaking from the piece of ice they have in place of a heart. There is no meaning to what they say and it holds no purpose but to kill others. I've met many of these devils servants through my years and not once have I ever understood why they did the things they did or said the things they said. I will admit that I have done some questionably mean things but I have remorse. Heartless people don’t. They ruin people like it's their job. I don’t understand who in there right mind would want that job, but the devils servants seem to love it for some reason. With people like the devils servants in this world, it’s a wonder why I don’t trust people.

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