Lost Inside

June 1, 2008
I do not know you,
and yet you speak like an old friend.

You speak of unknown memories and mirth,
and again you’ll stand, here, in front of me.

I look forward to our every meeting,
And yet never have we met.

I remember you,

The fog, it parts,
and my vision clears,

and for a while I will be here.
But as always, it fades and everything goes dark.
And it ails me to forget
our love again.

I do not know me.
When last I looked down I was fair and strong,
but now I’ve wasted from the Sands of Time.
Inside, I die as they pull me to reality
Forcibly I’m shoved back into Hell,
it’s more than I can bear.

I remember me,
the fog, it parts, and my vision, reveals.
And for a while I’ll be here.
But as always it fades
and I find I am blind
It destroys me to forget
my identity.

I do not know anything,
Degenerative, it was,
and removed my ability,
I’m bound from within and always slipping to death.
With no communication, I die alone…
because don’t we all?
One last ember in the rages of this forge.

It pains me to say
and frustrates me to know,
I’m disabled and impaired,
through no fault of mine,
for I am old and you are so young.
My last steps falter,
just like your first,
As you lead me to death.

I do not know…I am Lost Inside.
There was something important
but now it is hidden.
I forget it again,
and it increases my shame,
But I cannot remember.

The fog never lifts or clears,
now as absolute as time.
I’m lost to everyone else just an aging thrall.
and now I die with no sense of myself,
I am completely Lost Inside…
I do not know you.

Dedicated to the millions of individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and the thousands of other mental diseases.

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grams said...
Aug. 26, 2008 at 11:24 pm
I think it is good. However I always had a hard time with poems but I am impressed with waht you wrote.
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