A Roller coaster Life

June 1, 2008
By Mary Evelyn Casey, Farmdale, OH

The line of a roller coaster can make you believe
That the longer you stand there the less you’ll achieve
When theirs a choice to be made life cant decide
Who you are going to sit beside

When the ride starts up tension flares
Fear and excitement looks you in the eye and stares
People will confront you about whatever
But that’s the way it will be now and forever

A ride will always have some hills
Just like you’ll always have a problem that kills
The last car to sit in is not the best
Because the car in front of you follows the rest

When the ride comes to a complete stop who do think gets out
Probably the people you always talked about
All the people you always liked
Get up also and get out of your life

Now that its over how do you feel
Together you and life worked out a deal
The deal was your problem went away
But only to come back another day

Soon you’ll be back to the same old ride
Even though you put the thought away and left it aside
Again you go just one more time
And again you stand in that long line

The ride that you are riding you love so much
Because every bump on the ride you can relate down to the touch
The roller coaster you ride is you all the time
This is life and also your rhyme

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