Crushed Dreams

June 1, 2008
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All over the world people come to America for what it represents
A nation that accepts all religions, races, ethnics, all people
But what I see here shows something else

I see you sneer at little girls
I see you shove a jewish boy
I see you mouth n** at an old man
I see you crushing peoples dreams

What did they ever do to you?
Are they just not you?
Are you unwilling to accept change?
But change is what America is
An ever changing country

A country with history
A country with cultures
A country with religions
A country of mixed races
A county of different people
A country with one future

Can’t you see by spraying words of hate
By spreading fear
By crushing others dreams
You are seperating what is supposed to be one

One community that interwines
One community that shares different ideas to form one
One community that merges to form one nation that can prosper

Why do you push away anyone that’s different?
Even when they played with you in the sandbox
Even when they baked cookies for you
Or comforted you when you’re down

Did they ever throw you away because your skin is pale?
Did they ever reject you because you’re christian?
Did they ever dispise you beacuse you don’t belive what they do?

But you did
You raised walls where none should exist
You catagorized people when they were one

You crushed dreams when they should grow

But now the question is
Can you pull down those walls?
Can you bring together a community that you seperated?
Can you make their dreams real?
Can you accept a nation of all races, religions, ethnics, and all people?

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